Environmental monitoring

Alerts before things get critical

When working with remote locations. Getting quick alerts to environment changes or loss of Internet communications can be critical when managing remote connected equipment rooms, cabinets, field sensing equipment and others.

The main function of MSP Sensors is monitoring the Internet connection and alerting IT when one or more locations are no longer communicating. Our compact, two inch square hardware agent packs quite a punch and with our environment sensor attached, it can alert the right people about condition changes before they become an issue.

In remote locations, where hardware breakdowns may require sending support personnel, having the ability to detect issues to assess the situation could save staff from making an extra trip. Our hardware agents contain everything needed to monitor the environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional environment monitoring systems.

When more information is needed

In fact, by enabling Remote Access Service (RAS), IT staff can gain access to remote equipment, anything in the server rack without having to leave any ports open on the local router/firewall. By enabling the automated security scan, staff will know quickly if unauthorized ports suddenly become open.

By enabling the camera function from the dashboard, an inexpensive HD USB camera connected to the hardware agent can take a snapshot of the surrounding area in order to help staff plan what they should bring before traveling out to make repairs.

No matter which options are enabled, all can send alerts. Notifications can be sent to the proper person, an alert can be shown on the overview map showing the status of all locations and alerts can be displayed in that agent/location dashboard as shown in the image above. A historical trail is generated showing who acknowledged the alert and what was done about it.

The hardware agent with the environment monitoring sensor are a one time purchase at $195.00 + shipping and include one full year of Extended reports Internet monitoring and sensors reports. After the first year, simply renew reports as needed and keep monitoring as usual.

There is no cost to add your own camera and it can be enabled from the dashboard. RAS is available as an addon for a small monthly fee.

Environment sensor monitors multiple data points

By adding our tiny sensor to the hardware agent, we can monitor temperature, humidity, ambient light, barometric pressure, sound noise, air quality (eTVOC ppb/eCO2 ppm) and vibration.

Because our demo agent is installed in the middle of nowhere, we don’t want to waste expenses sending personnel to remote locations unless we really have to. By adding a multi element environment sensor, we are able to be alerted to any of these and similar scenarios, all controllable via one dashboard page.

  • An alert can be sent should the temperature, humidity or barometric pressure change too drastically.
  • If the air quality reading is changing, this could indicate that our cabinet is filling with dust, or contaminant, or that something is overheating or slowly burning up.
  • Sound monitoring could alert us that something has changed, perhaps a fan or power supply is starting to fail and causing unusual sounds.
  • Our vibration, sound and light monitoring might alert us to possible tampering. After all, it’s a small cabinet that is closed and dark.
  • An ambient light reading of anything more than 0 could indicate that someone has opened the cabinet.

There are plenty of other reasons why monitoring the environment in remote cabinets, equipment rooms and many other locations areas could save a great deal of time and money.

The following image shows a historical view of current and past alerts, who looked into it and what was done.


The following image shows how each metric can be set to alert someone of environment changes.
Each metric can be individually set with its own range.

Remote monitoring and management tools. All in a 2″ box!

Secure remote access without opening firewall ports or port forwarding.
Imagine being able to give remote access to resources on your local network without having to open firewall ports or being able to reach any remote network you manage without exposing those networks either. If hackers don’t see open ports, they move on to the next target.

MSP Sensors Enterprise Overview Map.
Quickly shows locations experiencing problems on one dedicated monitor or large screen TV.