Environment alerts for early detection

When conditions change in your equipment rooms, you want to know!
Add one of our sensors to our hardware agent, fine-tune your alerts for the acceptable limits range in your agent dashboard and your staff will be notified when something exceeds that range.

One time cost hardware includes one year of monitoring and reports.

Track environmental changes before they escalate into critical issues.

Sensor Examples


Our sensors aren’t limited to changes in the environment. They can alert your team about potential incidents.

Light detection
A communications room or cabinet is dark unless its door is opened or a collision occurs. If there’s light where there shouldn’t be, our agent sends an alert so your team can investigate.


Air quality change
If a server fan or other gear malfunctions leading to overheating or smoke generation, our integrated air quality sensor detects anomalies in air quality and promptly transmits alerts, to mitigate potential damages.


Water detection
The sensor can detect a rise in humidity in the vicinity or inside a cabinet. The moment it senses heightened humidity levels, it sends an alert, allowing proactive measures to prevent equipment damage and system failures.


Quick alerts!

Our environment enabled agents monitor the Internet and provider just like our other agents do.

Learn about problems before they turn into disasters.

Monitoring X2

Read how SCI Engineering avoided a significant network loss thanks to our Environmental sensing agent.

Ready to monitor?

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