Is your area suffering unreliable Internet services?

As a community service and at no cost, MSP Sensors can help your community get more reliable Internet services.

The most challenging aspect of ongoing Internet problems is trying to gather enough facts, proof and collaborative data when the provider won’t fix or doesn’t see the problems. 

Individual complaints can be dismissed but a collective of people and reports is hard to ignore.

Many providers are unwilling to make improvements until there is a compelling need for doing so. We believe that Internet services must become highly reliable for everyone at any cost, not only as a money making opportunity for business owners.

Pulling all of this together including the tools needed to accomplish the task can be overwhelming but this is where MSP Sensors comes in.

Consulting and hands on help

MSP Sensors offers a free service that can help communities to not only gather such information but to represent it in a way that a provider can understand. 

Once approved by meeting some basic requirements, our team will start working with your chosen representatives from start to finish.
If you have one or two people with some IP / IT knowledge, that would help a great deal. If not, we can work with people that might not have a lot of high level of technical skills.

For example, having the ability to install and uninstall software on Windows, change Windows or the local firewall settings if needed.

They should know what DHCP is and how to connect a device on a local network to pick up a DHCP IP. If they know a little about Linux, enough to follow some instructions, this could help if we have to install something on a Linux server for example.

Software or hardware

Options include either software or hardware agents to be installed at various locations across your community. A mix of both is also possible.

Depending on the size of the area and test, we recommend a minimum of 20 locations to gather the best data possible for our team to conclude what they believe are the weak points in your area.

Difference between software and hardware

Some members involved in the test may not want to keep their PC on twenty four hours per day or the PC may be shut down accidentally.
If a PC is shut down, so is the monitoring software that we provide. 

Our hardware devices require no software installation, are self updating, run 24/7 and require less than one amp of power. They are on the job continuously, never missing an important event and logging any and all problems. 

These offer the very best data possible for our team to do their work.

However, hardware agents would have to be purchased but we are happy to sell them at our cost.

These devices would be returned after the project is concluded and MSP Sensors would buy them back at half their cost. This offer is based on having to prepare and test each agent before shipping them to your community.

This should work out to about $15.00/$20.00 per device if you went this route.

MSP Sensors final report

Once we have test points set up, we start collecting connectivity data for as long as it takes to get to a conclusion.

After ongoing analysis, MSP Sensors will provide all of the facts and proof of problems that were found which hopefully could motivate the local provider to fix problems.

In some cases, providers are not unwilling to fix problems but most times, simply do not see them with their own monitoring tools.

Reports will show if problems are limited to certain locations or many and even if problems are across multiple providers if more than one are involved in the test.

Providers would not be involved or even be aware of our ongoing analysis until the project is concluded at which point, someone in your community could contact them with your findings.

What are we asking for in return?

Are we really offering this at no cost? Yes, no gimmicks, no surprises.

We are not only interested in helping communities to get better Internet services but these offers can help us too.

We have built a valuable service that lets consumers monitor Internet services and providers for free. Consumers should not have to prove they are experiencing Internet problems, providers should be able to see for themselves.

These offers will help us to get the word out about MSP Sensors so that we can continue to offer a free Community version and will help us to further refine our technology and hopefully, find new ways of using it.

What we do ask for in return is exposure. A news article, blog story, video blog, things that could help other communities to learn about MSP Sensors organically.

Personal information

The MSP Sensors software does not and cannot monitor what a person is doing with their Internet, where they are visiting or other personal information. The software monitors only the Internet connectivity and nothing else.

Reach out if interested

If you could use our services and can help us to find more communities in need, please feel free to call us.