MSP Remote LAN WAN Sensors

Real time, custom monitoring and alerts. Eliminate guesswork. 


Our sensors have seen it all.

Don’t let your managed services get blamed for Internet reliability, disruptions, and customer outages.

Set fully customized alerts to get the data you need to know, when and how you need it.


Mix software or hardware that includes remote access. Easily scale from ten locations to thousands.


Hot, cold or just right?

Monitor temperature changes, humidity levels, movement, light, barometric pressure, air quality, with one add-on device.

Servers and remote equipment rooms need stability. Get notified when something goes beyond the range you set.


Power and control. Anywhere.

Power on, off or power cycle remote equipment with just a click. Remotely control power plugs, outlet strips, relays through your dashboard. Available in 2, 4 and 6 outlet options.

Shop, four outlet smart plugs

More than just LAN/WAN monitoring.

Enable Security Scan

Automatically monitor for unauthorized open ports or devices, servers, services that become unreachable. 


DDNS (Dynamic DNS)

DDNS can be enabled for any agent. No need to remember changing IP’s.

Flexible notifications 

 Choose combinations of email, dashboard alerts or SMS for who should be contacts for each location.

Automatic Speed Testing

Ongoing baseline test of download, upload, latency for each location. Alerts to slow speeds. 


Historical Trends

Over time performance data for each monitored location or aggregate CSV data using your favorite tools. 

Overview Map

Real time, enterprise overview map shows all monitored locations, statuses, and alerts. One click leads to that location’s data. Learn more.

What our customers are saying:


“I wanted to drop in and send you a big thanks! The environment sensor alerted me this morning about a temperature anomaly in the server room. This allowed me time to come in and follow our DR plan so the equipment wasn’t damaged. You helped me save about $1M in potential equipment loss. We are an engineering and consulting firm so our network is paramount. I appreciate your assistance and everything the product has delivered. Thanks again, sir.”

Jon Miller, MCP, HDI
IT Manager
SCI Engineering Inc.

(Full article can be found here)

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“Our customer suffered daily Internet problems causing communications problems with phones and conferencing. The service provider could never find any problems. We learned about MSPS and the data from our agent resulted in the ISP fixing the problems almost immediately.”


Inexpensive, easy to use hardware for 24/7 monitoring of internet connectivity and more. The dashboard controlled power outlets are a time saving feature that lets us power cycle frozen hardware at a fraction of the cost we were paying for remote controlled hardware.”


“Love it, can’t live without it now that we’ve started using it. It provides real and quantitative data to know when broadband and other problems occur. No more awkward moments with customers wondering if our services were at fault. We are installing agents at every location.