Dashboard Controlled Smart Outlets

Customized firmware with off-the-shelf hardware makes these smart outlets useful and affordable. Remotely control devices from the agent dashboard where the outlet is located. Our power cycle option even prevents accidental outlet lockouts.

smart hardware dashboard view

Smart Dashboard

Outlets and other devices are controlled centrally from your MSPS dashboard for any monitored location.  Fine-tune settings and alerts, check device status or send reboot commands in place.  

iot devices list

Easy to configure and manage

By clicking on the outlet device in our dashboard, we can edit the name of each outlet we’re using.  In this example, we’ve named our device “4 outlet plug” and named our outlets after what they are powering: “Firewall, “Monitor4” and “FanUnit.”  By clicking the blue power button to the right of the status, we can turn any of those 3 devices on or off remotely.

Cost effective and quick to deploy

Deployment takes under 2 minutes by your admin or the customer. No learning curves. Just order, activate, and control from the dashboard. Assign smart devices to any location where you already have an agent monitoring or use stand-alone. If WiFi isn’t available at that location, our hardware agents come with a hot spot built in specifically to allow connecting our smart devices.


Two outlets
Both controllable

dual outlet smart plug


Four outlets
Three controllable


Six outlets
Five controllable