Revolutionize your ISP strategy with OutagesIO

Imagine having the ability to gain insights into your competitors’ performance across various regions, cities, states, and even the entire country. OutagesIO helps ISPs to do just that.

See how your competitors are doing in terms of network reliability, disconnections, and speed issues.  With this real-time data, you can pinpoint weaknesses in their services and tailor your marketing to target potential customers who may be frustrated with their current provider.

The proof they need to switch to your service.

OutagesIO isn’t just about monitoring disruptions; it’s about turning data into opportunities.

By offering trials or white-labeled versions of the OutagesIO service to consumers in the areas you want to grow, they’ll be able to see how their existing ISP is actually performing and you will too. Clients seeing frequent outages and slowdowns will be primed for your offer of a better provider experience.

Best of all, you’ll be able to see which ISPs in your area are reliable and which are not and customize your offers to the clients who are experiencing the most frustration.

Get insights on the ISPs you use

An an MSP, knowing how the various ISPs in different areas are performing could be a big eye opener when suggesting or deciding on which providers to use or upgrade with.

OutagesIO is easy to deploy as a software download or as a plug-and-play hardware device.

You’ll get real-time insights on network performance, disconnection times, and average speeds. Gain competitor data or improve your own services in specific markets by offering customers the service for free or as part of a package deal.

Deploy OutagesIO in strategic locations around cities or regions and dig deeper into the performance of your own services in specific areas.
Included here are some marketing ideas though we’re sure your marketing team can come up with great plans.

Governments and Municipalities

Local governments and municipalities can harness this technology to assess the quality of internet services within their jurisdiction, creating a win-win situation for both ISPs and local governments. Rather than spending large amounts of money trying to determine what happened, and who was to blame, data would help to identify and fix problems.

By installing OutagesIO agents at key locations across, all ISP’s in the area, city officials can start getting a real-time view of how various ISPs are performing in all monitored areas. If outages occur, the city would have its own data about what happened, where, when, and with whom along with other data.

By monitoring from different locations independently, results show how Internet services are performing from the end user’s point of view rather than the way that centralized monitoring shows.

The resulting data can also prevent finger-pointing when outages occur, ensuring a transparent resolution process. Internet outages can sometimes end up costing in many ways so the importance of reliable services cannot be understated.

OutagesIO can help any organization that is interested in truly understanding how one or any number of ISPs are performing.

Reach out to us and learn how we can help with your challenges or your marketing goals.