Full RMM Tools in a two-inch box.

Our demo shows an active agent monitoring a small equipment room in Arizona. We’ve disabled the editable settings in the demo but most of the functionality is shown. Click the “About this page” button at the top of each demo page to dive deeper into the functions shown on that page. (The blue arrow in the photo points to the tiny hardware agent.)

Username: demo
Password: 56789

Note that the link will redirect you to our OutagesIO site. However, the demo shows all features except the overview map and manager functions available only on MSPS.

Demo page showing small server room

What can you do with MSP Sensors?

  • Mix software and hardware agents
  • Add cameras and sensors to hardware agents
  • Monitor disconnections, outages, slow speeds
  • Remote access without opening firewall ports
  • Control remote power outlets, relays, and more
  • Monitor web services inside and out
  • Download CSV reports as needed
  • Remote monitoring with add-on USB camera 
  • Monitor wired or WiFi, LTE, 4G, 5G services
  • Automatically monitor for unauthorized open ports 
Hardware & Software Options

Software agent runs on Windows, Linux, ARM, Raspberry Pi and more.  Hardware agent is plug-and-play, no software required.  Mix and match software and hardware agents in any combination for your customers’ locations.

Remote Access Service (RAS)

 RAS allows remote, encrypted and secure access to network resources without opening firewall ports. Create and save multiple profiles to access different devices on the LAN. Only allowed IPs can to gain access based on the created rules. Learn more.

Environmental Sensors

Monitor temperature, humidity, ambient light, barometric pressure, sound, air quality and vibration. Our demo is equipped with a sensor. If any pre-set metric goes above or beyond out set ranges, we get instant alerts. Learn more.

Add USB Camera

Plug a USB camera into the hardware agent to monitor remote equipment rooms or customer premises. Video or snapshots.

Set Custom Alerts

Flexible alerts on a per-location basis, and to selected admins. Receive alerts by email, text, dashboard or overview map.

Download Reports

Per location reports or download CSV files to aggregate data using your favorite tools. Track ongoing issues with accurate details.