MSP Sensors hardware agent


FREE hardware agent with sign-up for your first 10-pack of licenses
A $55 value!


Flexible pricing, solid solution.

MSP Sensors is geared specifically for managed services providers. Tools like the network monitoring overview map show all locations being monitored in real-time, highlighting locations experiencing problems. RAS provides remote access without opening firewall ports.

Scalable and flexible

Pricing starts at just $12/month (minimum 10 locations)  for monitoring and includes our remote access service (RAS) with unlimited email alerts, and 1GB of data transfer per installed location and 200 SMS.

Hardware & Software Options

Add software and hardware agents in any combination that works for your customers, with flexible pricing and tiered discounts.  Just 10 licenses to get started.  The more you install, the more you save.

The support you need

MSP Sensors is easy to use but has lots of features. Email, phone, and video conferencing support is included to get you started. We’ll work one-on-one with someone at your location, training them how to customize the service to work best for your environment.

Licenses and discounts

Licensing designed to be straightforward and adaptable.

Each license corresponds to a single agent and its associated reports, sometimes called a ‘location’. For example, if you have multiple agents in a one building, in different departments or floors, each agent requires its own separate license.

Install as many agents as needed no matter your license count. Enable licensing on only those you need reports for. Incoming data will temporarily be paused for unlicensed agents. Easily assign, unassign, add, remove licenses from the dashboard.

Per location, reports, are licensed with quantity discounts.

Quantity Price per Unit Discount 
1 -10 $12.00 0%
11-20 $10.00 16%
21-30 $9.00 25%
31-40 $8.00 33%
41-100 $7.00 41%
101+ Contact us

Hardware agents vs. software only

Our software can be downloaded and deployed quickly, which is a great solution when you need to start monitoring a customer’s location immediately.

Our hardware agent is a small, plug-and-play device that doesn’t require keeping a server or PC on 24/7 to monitor the connection. Our hardware agents run non-stop, independently, are self-updating, and use less than one watt of energy.  Perfect for equipment rooms or remote offices as well as locations where monitoring is mission-critical. They are also used for RAS and other features such as connecting a camera.

All hardware agents are updated to the latest firmware and software, plus tested on the MSP Sensors network before shipping.

MSP Sensors 100Mbps internet hardware agents and quantity discounts.

Quantity Price per Unit Discount 
1 -9 $55.00 0%
10-24 $51.50 5%
25-40 $49.50 10%
41-60 $46.75 15%
61-100 $44.00 20%
101+ Contact us 

Monthly monitoring plans

MSP Sensors software and hardware solutions require a license subscription at each monitored site.  We start with a 10-site license for the extended features and management tools you’ll get for your organization.  The 10-site license starts at $120. 

The licenses count (10 minimum) can be changed as needed from the dashboard after the initial purchase and are discounted based on quantity.  If you are looking for less than 10 sites to monitor, is our consumer site and has many of the features but without the additional management tools.