Internet Monitoring Agent with 100Mbps Port




Hardware agents

Please read before ordering:

Alternative to ordering hardware agents
In some cases, shipping hardware agents overseas is not only cost-prohibitive but packages can be lost or returned after being lost for weeks to months.

In such situations, we offer a conversion service that allows you to quickly source your own hardware agents (specs provided) and later put each online so that we can convert and activate them into your account.

This requires one or two ports forwarded to the agent from our IP. The cost for this service is $20.00 per hardware agent conversion and this is discounted if there are more than 10 agents to be converted.

Simply reach out to us if you would prefer to use this service rather than having us ship hardware agents to you.

Activating your Hardware agents
After ordering, an email will be sent that contains the activation details. Your PayPal email address will be used. Follow the instructions in the email to activate the device. The activation process immediately assigns the agent to your organization.

If you do not receive your activation email (check your spam/junk box too), please contact us for help.

Our devices require a local DHCP server for IP assignment and communications. When powered it up for the first time, the device will immediately begin communicating with MSPS and will become ready to activate.
An email with the needed details will have been sent for each device purchased explaining the simple activation process. Once activated, the agent will immediately become part of your inventory.

Wired, WiFi, and AP mode
This hardware agent has three different modes of operation, all configured from the agent’s dashboard. Both wired and WiFi options require a DHCP upstream.
Wired mode is always the preferred method as it is the most reliable. WiFi can be used when there is no wired port available or when monitoring WiFi services including LTE, 4G, 5G, etc.

This hardware also contains an Access Point function. This function can be used when you have ordered MSPS smart hardware but have no WiFi available at this location. The AP uses the wired interface and gets IPs for the smart devices on the upstream DHCP server. The user can set the SSID and password from the dashboard.

DHCP upstream required
Requires a free Ethernet DHCP enabled port on your router/modem and a standard 1amp (or more) USB power supply. Please connect your Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the agent. Make sure ICMP is not blocked by your firewall as this is one of the protocols used to test for outages.

Ethernet port – Speed testing limit
These devices have 100Mbps ports. If speed testing is enabled, keep this in mind.

Power requirement if adding a USB device
If adding anything such as a webcam or sensor please be sure to use a minimum 2 amps power supply to ensure the agent and your USB device get enough power.

We use various off-the-shelf devices that run our custom firmware. The device you receive may or may not look like or be exactly as pictured. If this is important to you, contact us before purchasing to see what we have on hand.

While we do not build the hardware, we extensively test them as best we can, trying to support devices that will run for many years to come.

These devices are NOT meant to be used directly on the Internet as they are not security hardened. They are meant to be installed inside of the local (LAN) network to act as just another client on your network.

Devices are put through extensive tests when being prepared and configured for shipping. As we are reselling various manufacturers, these devices are non-refundable and cannot be returned as it is not possible to resell used devices that may have been improperly used, reset, or abused.

That said, if you have problems or a special situation, please contact us and we will do everything possible to help you.

Our hardware cannot and does not sniff packets meaning that it is not possible for these devices to monitor your activities in any way.


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