MSP & ISP performance analytics in one tiny box.

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MSP: Just a two-minute install gives you alerts of disconnections, outages, slow speeds, and more at every customer location you service. Know within 30 seconds if their Internet is experiencing problems or your managed services. See what’s really happening at your customers’ sites before they call for support.


ISP: Deploy MSP Sensors software or hardware at key locations and get instant clarity on how your customers experience your services. Find problems and weak points before complaints even come in.

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Purpose-built for ISP analytics

Provides self-generated analytics rather than third-party public data. Gives performance and reliability data across all ISPs being monitored no matter what is or isn’t being reported.

Providers like to market faster speeds, redundancy, and reliability but transparency isn’t a strong point. Reliability issues and complete outages occur anyhow. Then come the excuses, finger-pointing, or worse, lawsuits.

Real consequences occur with Internet outages, from small businesses losing sales to local government services being affected, and even 911 going down. It’s happened in Arizona.

ISPs can use it to better understand how customers are seeing their services or MSP Sensors can be used to make ISPs accountable.

Self generated analytics

Internet analytics

Find and track issues with near real-time data.

Flexible, scalable, no large budgets needed. MSP Sensors is deployed in under two minutes. It starts monitoring immediately, tracking each locations issues, sending alerts to the right IT people as needed.

Logs historical details and shows which providers are most reliable. Mix software or hardware agents for always-on monitoring without a computer–perfect for remote equipment rooms that rely on Internet.

Our cloud-based dashboard, overview map and alerts gives your IT team an advantage by knowing about problems even before the calls start coming in. Your IT team can easily monitor dozens to thousands of locations..

For Windows, Linux, ARM, Pi devices. Low cost hardware agent available.

Video: Built by an ISP / MSP for IT

The first 30 seconds explains what MSP Sensors is and why it was built for IT departments. Note: OutagesIO is an Echo Networks LLC service.

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Inexpensive while saving time and money

A minimum of 20 locations qualify for a free upgrade to enterprise level member.

Enterprise members typically start in the dozens or hundreds, so becoming an enterprise level member is simple. Billing is automatically generated on the last day of each month and number of agents active for at least 24hrs during that period are billed.

The low cost of adding MSP Sensors alongside existing monitoring is quickly offset by saving even one support call or unneeded truck roll.

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MSP Sensors is more than just monitoring. What’s included?

Overview map 

The enterprise overview map shows any and all locations needing attention along with what the alert is related to such as disconnected, unauthorized open port, a change in environmental conditions, and so on. Historical data and reports make it easy for IT to find and fix problems. Learn more.

Automatic speed testing 

Shows ongoing baseline test of download, upload speeds and latency for each location. Agents automatically run speed tests based on various conditions. Results are shown in each agent dashboard and average speeds are shown in the agents list. Low bandwidth alerts can also be set.

Internet speed testing

Historical / trends

Internet downtime add up in time, money and productivity losses. Accountability ends mystery problems and finger pointing. Hard facts are shown for each location monitored and correlated for all that were part of the same problem.

Enable security scan

Automatically monitor for unauthorized open ports or devices that become unreachable. This option continuously checks locations where agents are installed and alerts team members to any problems. 

The first step toward privacy, especially in light of net neutrality is finding DNS services which are not your providers and especially avoiding large well known publicly available free servers. Hardware agents ordered from our site come with a DNS server built in. 

Flexible notifications 

Team members can enable, disable or customize alerts and notifications for each location. Flexible notifications allow various options and combinations that suit each locations requirements. Notifications can be email, dashboard alerts, and optional SMS.

mobile and pc notifications

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) 

MSP Sensors includes free DDNS (Dynamic DNS) which can be enabled for any agent. Team members don’t need to remember changing IP’s because a convenient URL is placed in each agent dashboard when DDNS is enabled and the agent is in Active status.

Dynamic DNS DDNS

Optional hardware agents

Mix software and hardware agents as needed

Hardware agents are a one time cost and easier to work with because all of the software and functionality are built in. They operate 24/7 using less than one amp of power and are self updating. Monitoring is consistent and non stop unlike a PC or server that may be rebooted or turned off accidentally.  Perfect for remote locations such as cabins, customer premises, remote equipment rooms, cabinets and much more.

Connect a camera 

MSP Sensors hardware agents allow a compatible (UVC) webcam to be connected. Access credentials, resolution and other settings are provided in the camera settings page and a convenient access link is placed in the dashboard.

Security camera

Private DNS server 

OutagesIO hardware agents come with a DNS server built in. Use it for redundancy or for DNS privacy. Useful in cases where DNS profiling may be required, especially in light of net neutrality. Easily avoid provider DNS and large well known publicly available DNS services.

WiFi/LTE/4G/5G monitoring 

OutagesIO hardware agents can be used to monitor wired or wireless Internet services such as LTE 4G/5G. Enabling wireless monitoring is as simple as entering a few fields in the wireless section of the dashboard and the network will automatically switch to wireless or wired.

wireless, LTE, 4G/5G

Special options that work with our hardware agent:

Remote Access Service (RAS) 

Secure, encrypted access to remote LAN’s, networks without opening firewall ports.

One of the best MSP Sensors RMM features is our Remote Access Service (RAS) which gives members direct access to devices on remote resources without having to open firewall ports. If there is nothing interesting for hackers to see, they move on to another potential target.

RAS is the perfect way to give admins direct access to configuration screens, firewalls, and even remote desktops (RDP) at remote customer networks, unmanned equipment rooms, cabinets, and countless other situations.

Learn more about our Remote Access Service (RAS)

Environment Sensors with alerts

Environment enabled hardware agents can be ordered which can run all of the Internet monitoring features above plus environment monitoring simultaneously.

The sensor monitors temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, sound, air quality and vibration at the location it is installed at. Each metric can be set to alert someone if an upper or a lower threshold has been reached.

For example, if temperatures go below or higher than a set range or if humidity becomes too high, alerts can be sent. Notifications can be via email, dashboard and optionally SMS.

Learn more about our combined environment and Internet monitoring solution here.

Mix hardware and software

Windows and Linux Internet outage monitoring

Monitor Internet outages with Windows and Linux softwareOur software runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM like Raspberry, NanoPi, Tinker Board and others. 

Download an agent while at the customer location or pre-order hardware agents, the choice is always yours depending on the requirement.

Always on monitoring

Optional hardware agent

Hardware agent provides always on Internet monitoringNo server available?  Our agents use little power, are self updating, on the job 24/7, never missing a thing. Each has a built in DNS server for redundancy and privacy.

Can be used to monitor wired or wireless including LTE, 4G and 5G services.