24/7 monitoring using less than 1 amp

MSP Sensors hardware agentMSP Sensors offers two options for its Internet monitoring reports software – software and hardware agents.

The hardware agent is a small plug-and-play device that runs 24/7, 365 days/year and consumes minimal power. It requires only a free Ethernet port and 5V power, and we recommend using a wired connection for the best results.

The hardware agent continuously monitors the local Internet connection and provider to provide the most accurate reports, and it automatically restarts every 24 hours to clear and update itself. To protect the hardware agent, we recommend connecting its power source to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Ethernet or Wireless

The hardware agent is a tiny device that requires only a free Ethernet port and 5V power. While we do have wireless options available, all testing shows that the best results are always when using a wired connection. It is always best to connect your agent via cable to a free port on your router/firewall.

The upstream device (modem, router or firewall) must provide DHCP services so that the agent can receive an IP.

The MSP Sensors agents can be used to monitor wired or wireless Internet services such as LTE 4G/5G. Enabling wireless monitoring is as simple as entering a few fields in the wireless section of the dashboard and the network will automatically switch to wireless or wired.

Speed testing and Ethernet interfaces

Most of our hardware devices come with Ethernet interface speeds of 100Mbps. Because of this, speed testing can only reach the maximum amount of throughput that the device can handle. If you have a need to use higher speeds, you may wish to opt for our Windows or Linux agents.

However, the point behind the speed test isn’t always about fully saturating the Internet connection but to know if there is a reasonable and usable amount of bandwidth at the time of the test. Using a slower Ethernet speed will use up less bandwidth and data if the location has a capped data plan.

Swap between software and hardware

If you have already installed the software onto a local PC or server but wish to switch to a hardware agent, you can easily do so by contacting support without losing your current reports. The same can be done to go from hardware to software.

Convenient and inexpensive 

MSP Sensors is always improving and adding features to its service, including hardware agents. We offer different makes and models in batches, sometimes selling them at a discounted price.

Ordering hardware agents is easy and can be purchased one at a time or in bundles. Once you order, the agent is prepared and shipped within 1-3 days, subject to availability. Upon activation, the agent will begin monitoring your internet service 24/7 and logging every issue it detects.

MSP Sensors hardware agents are a convenient and efficient way to monitor all of your locations. Their small size and low power consumption make them an attractive option when uninterrupted monitoring is required.